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Joel Kondichetty Family Testimonies

Dear Bros and Sisters in Christ,

Praise the Lord!

It is a great privilege to share my testimony with you all and I am sure God will use this for the Glory of His Name.

I was born and brought up in a Christian family, and honestly, I don’t recollect, that I have disregarded God at any point of time in my life, as I was always fearful, prayerful and accountable to God in all the ways. In fact, my bible reading and prayer time was much better in those days as I recollect. I used to put fleece before God, Fast and pray, never miss Sundays..etc , all that any child of god, walks through. I was a brilliant student in my school days, and came out of it in great numbers. This was exactly when the derailing happened. My brilliance crawled into my brain, and I thought I can handle it all by myself. I failed. One of my toughest challenges is fighting with God to secure an engineering seat which I failed miserably when I couldn’t one.

The bible tells us in Proverbs 22:6, - Train up a child in the way that he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. (NASB)

My parents are a god fearing people, serving God, in every way they could even till today. They taught me the way I should go. Well, god’s word never returns void isn’t? I got back on track in my second year of Intermediate (12th Standard), and feared God, and stood for Him, in every way I could. I repented of all my ways I walked in, which I was taught not to walk in. I stood as a testimony standing first in all the three years, of my graduation in my college. I became a favorite student even to my principle. But knowing God intimately was still a little far away.

I got into my Masters in Computers, but not at home university but a half day's journey from my home town. It was here I met Pastor Vijay Kumar (House of Prayer) who impacted my life though the word of God. I was stuck with Kidney Disorders during my education times, with blood flowing through my nature calls. Doctors were surprised to know how a young person like me can ever be affected in such a way. At one moment, I forced myself along with my dad to go for a surgery to get rid of the pain. It was unbelievable and horrible pain. On the top of it, God spoke clearly – throughEzekiel 24:13-17

I know I was heading to die. But thank God! That it was a way that God brought me to a place where I can be an intimate believer in Him. Cutting long story short, after suffering for 2 long years, God delivered me from that pain. My parents, pastor, church encouraged me through the Word all through the way. One night while I was praying God delivered me from the pain. The next day I was a different person. All free, all happy and strong. It was a welcome back to the world of healthy people!! Since then, I never looked back. It was God, and all the time God. Nothing else seemed any important in life other than God for me. All my dreams now compared to the passion I have for God came no way close. By His grace now I am married to a beautiful child of God, and we are blessed with a baby daughter.

Did all my problems go away - No, did God remove every suffering from my life -No - they increased, did I fail in my career - yes many times, - then what is the difference? - He was and is with me throughout my days. What I went through was a journey towards growing close to God, what I am going through now is an experience walking with Him. Be Blessed.

YBIC Anil Joel

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